Lifestyle sessions are about capturing the connection and love between your family and your newest little one in a beautiful and natural way. This session is more of a 'documentary' session. I simply come to your house with just my camera and a few wraps.

Lifestyle sessions typically take place around 2 weeks of age, capturing their newborn goodness, but these sessions are also great for older babies too! Capturing all ages is just as amazing as capturing the newborn stage. 


-2 hour shoot in the comfort of your home

-Sibling/Family Photos

-40 images of your choice (you get to choose from a gallery of proofs) with the option to purchase more

- Your selected images are then edited to perfection in my four editing styles: no filter, b&w, matte filter, b&w matte

-Online Gallery with printing rights

$850 for a weekday shoot

$1,000 for a weekend shoot

**Potential travel fee to your home would be an additional fee depending on where you are located. Please discuss where you are located before booking in order for me to properly notify you of the travel fee ahead of time.**


It is nice to plan out some outfit options for the family before the arrival of your little one as after they have made their appearance, shopping or coordinating outfits can be a bit of a challenge. My personal favourites are simple and neutral colours and tones; textures such as knits and linen always look great too. Whites, creams, greys, blushes and other light tones that complement baby's skin are a great option. Small patterns for girls or moms look beautiful in photos. Try to avoid neon and bold colours and big logos on t-shirts. Moms, you may be tender after bringing your little one into the world, so wearing loose-fitting clothing such as dresses or flowy tops will be most comfortable. Plain t-shirts and pants/jeans work great for dads.

If you are breastfeeding, please feel free to nurse during the session. I am comfortable and happy to photograph those tender moments, or if you prefer privacy I can step outside of the room if needed. 

If you are welcoming a sibling, yay!  I love to capture the tender and chaotic moments that are all-things siblings!  When a toddler enters the show, all bets are off as to what can happen, but those are some of the best moments of all!