Hello! And welcome!

I have been blessed to be doing photography full-time for 11 years now. It was never my plan growing up to do photography as a career... in fact, my first plan was to become an architect and interior designer. But life changed and I ended up graduating from Sac State with a psychology degree! Mostly because I was interested in what led people to live a happy life instead of studying what was wrong with them. 

But I did always have an interest in cameras and taking pictures of people at an early age. I was the last of seven, and maybe the fact that I didn't have many pictures of myself growing up because my parents were too busy? I realized how important pictures can be in developing one's self-esteem and confidence eventually since I avoided cameras for years and didn't even get my senior portraits taken for my high school yearbook! And little did I know how important pictures would play a part in my life when I lost my big brother in a car accident and the pictures we had left of him were invaluable and meant everything to us. And from an art perspective? God, was capturing pictures with different techniques and lenses fun! I even won the photography award in high school and got to learn how to develop my own pictures in the dark room back when that was still a thing. But still... despite taking another photography course in college, I never thought it would be my job one day. 

It wasn't until I started a country music website for fun and started getting press passes to shows all across Northern CA did I realize that I really had a knack for photography. And then friends and family slowly started asking me to do their weddings and family portraits... and after having another part-time job while doing shoots here and there... it got to the point where my part-time gig was getting in the way of me booking more. So I decided to take a leap of faith and pursued it full-time! And that was way back in 2012. 

From that point on, my Napa long-time clients and new clients as well who sometimes visited from all over the United States, all supported my business and returned for family portraits as their families grew year after year. I opened a gorgeous studio in downtown Napa and had that for 8 years... but recently closed that down with the intention of moving back to the Sacramento area where I once went to college and ran my country music website. 

I'm beyond happy to be back! But as I gradually build my client base in the Rocklin/Sac area... I am still going back and forth to Napa to serve my long-time clients since I'm just close enough to still do so! And spend Monday-Wednesday there while I still can. Rocklin/Sac clients can therefore schedule shoots with me Thursday-Saturday. 

I don't have kids of my own at this point... but I do have 10 nieces and nephews and have had the pleasure of working with over 600 newborns over the years! Some might say I am a baby whisperer.... and thankfully, that has come with a lot of experience. 

I am fully vaccinated and take your little one's health and safety very seriously. So feel free to ask any questions! 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

How about a list of my favorite things? Okay, here we go:

  • Coffee
  • Long road trips
  • Sunsets in magical settings
  • DJing at parties & on long drives
  • Hosting get-togethers
  • Learning a new recipe every week
  • Playing the piano & guitar to relax
  • Concerts & comedy shows
  • Self-development podcasts & workshops
  • Random acts of kindness