About Me

AILEEN 2018 - HR (B&W)-16


My name is Aileen, and I have been lucky enough to be doing this photography thing full time for almost 6 years now. My love for photography started at an early age! But I especially enjoyed the class I took in high school and spending hours in the dark room.

However, I never thought I would do this for a living. I was thinking about becoming an architect and joining the Peace Corps after high school, but then ended up getting my degree in Psychology! So you could say I was a little all over the place prior to finding my now amazing career.

I love to travel and take in gorgeous sunsets all of over the world! Hence my landscapes that are for sale…┬áBut as for hobbies, I enjoy music, and even co-founded a country music website before starting my own photography biz called NorCal Country where I attended some amazing concerts and got to take pictures in the front row… not too shabby. But I also dabble when it comes to playing the piano and guitar for fun on my own and love my time spent with my 10 nieces and nephews.

Born and raised in Napa, I graduated from Justin Siena High School and have been so lucky to photograph so many of my fellow alum. I absolutely love my job and getting to preserve clients’ memories for them since I personally know how important pictures can mean to us years later after having lost my brother and Dad unexpectedly back in 2004 and 2008.

Pictures are what you grab when evacuating from a fire as a lot of us Napans know! And I’m so grateful to have so many clients trust me year after year with the job of capturing their family photos… best job ever!