These first couple of weeks of your baby’s life will come and go… and I can’t tell you how special it has been to capture this time in so many client’s lives for over 7 years now (Over 500 babies!). It’s been such a pleasure getting to watch their families grow and to be trusted time and time again with the job of preserving these precious memories for them.

My Studio is located in Napa, CA, and it allows me to capture a lifestyle look without you having to have to clean your house! My lifestyle sessions are great for capturing that emotion and connection between your loved ones. But want that perfectly posed look? I have been trained from some of the best in the industry dating back to 2014 when I attended my first workshop and am happy to offer you those posed shots as well if that’s what you want.

Have any questions?

Feel free to email me at AileenSavagePhotography@gmail.com


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See what it’s like to work with me and the steps in the process.

step one

Contact me with your due date!
And any ideas you might have for your session so that I can guide you in the right direction and make sure you select the right add-ons when booking.

step two

If I have availability, I will send you my booking site link so that you can book your session & build a newborn package yourself, pay the $100 retainer fee, and fill out the questionnaire.
This is when you’ll decide on:
– Posed/naked shots
– Sibling/family photos
– Location (your home, my studio, or outdoors).

step three

Once booked, I will look over your questionnaire and send you information on how to prepare for your session, depending on the package and location you’ve chosen.

I’ll also give you tips on how to achieve a smooth session by making sure your baby is extra sleepy for its session, what clothes to wear, when to shoot sibling/family photos depending on age(s) of sibling(s), etc…

step four

shoot session

step five

A day or two after your session, you will receive a gallery of proofs, where you then get to select the number of photos you want, depending on the package you chose, with the option to purchase more if you’d like.

Once you’re done selecting your photos, you’ll let me know.

step six

Your final gallery will be sent to you via e-mail (like your gallery of proofs). You’ll be able to download your images instantly from there with printing rights so that you can get your images printed anywhere.

I will always recommend you order products through your final gallery because this is the only time you’ll have access to a professional printing lab (these are usually only available to professional photographers).

step seven

Feel free to take me up on helping you create masterpieces for your walls, your baby’s nursery, or with creating an heirloom album that can be passed on for generations to come.

It is not mandatory that you purchase through me, but this is what I do for a living! And I’m happy to be of service to you in order to ensure my clients get the best quality products possible.


When is the best time to schedule my baby's newborn photo session?

Sessions should take place when a baby is 1-2 weeks old. Because there is such a short window of time to do that “newborn” look, I recommend you schedule your session BEFORE your baby arrives to ensure I have space on my calendar for you. I book up far in advance, so there is a chance that I can’t do your session if you wait too long, which I hate when that happens 🙁 I know we don’t typically know exactly when a baby will arrive… but I will still get you down for a tentative date and then we will reschedule if necessary!

Is it okay if the baby sleeps most of the time?

Yes. That’s actually ideal! And why we schedule a session as close to their arrival as possible.

What kind of clothing does the baby need to wear?

Unless you have a favorite outfit that’s important to you, babies photograph best when naked, wrapped in soft blankets and posed with cute props. So no need to bring anything!

Should I bring props?

If you have a special family heirloom or toy you would like included in your baby’s photographs, you are welcome to bring them to the session. Aileen has a large selection of wonderful props from the best vendors located all over the world that she will use though, so again, you don’t need to bring anything.

Should both parents attend the photography session?

Totally up to you! If you aren’t taking parent shots, you both don’t have to be present. I have an assistant who helps me throughout studio sessions and is that extra pair of hands I need.

Can other family members come along to observe the session?

Sure! Just keep in mind that newborn sessions are lengthier as extra time is needed to accommodate feeding, changing, and occasionally calming a fussy baby.

How long do newborn sessions last?

It depends on the session package you have picked. My simple baby package only lasts about 1.5 hours (because it includes less poses and props). The other sessions can last up to 3 hours long because I include more blankets and props as part of those packages… and if you choose to have sibling or family shots taken as well, those can take up to an hour in a 3 hour session to do sometimes. Babies are unpredictable! So it’s important we leave enough time for extra feedings or soothing if necessary. I promise, it’ll be worth the wait!

Where is your studio located?

My studio is in a commercial office building near downtown Napa. My exact address is 1827 Clay Street and I am located on the second floor where I share a waiting room with 4D Ultrasound of Napa Valley.

Pictures are taken, now what?

A week after your session, I’ll send you a gallery of proofs. I will have done “soft edits” of your pictures, where you will then get to choose your favorites from. Once you have picked your favorites, let me know… and I will then edit those images to perfection for you in my four different styles: no filter, b&w, matte filter, b&w matte.
So if your package includes 10 images like in the simple baby package, then you will actually be getting 40 images total (10×4 editing styles).
If you would like any additional images edited, then you will have the option to select single images for $20 each, or upgrade to the premium digital package for 20 extra images for $300.
Once you have informed me that you’ve selected your favorites, you can expect your final gallery to be ready for you 3-5 days after that which I will send to you via email with a link.

Can I order prints through you?

Yes, you will have exclusive access to a professional printing lab to get the highest quality prints available if you choose to purchase through your gallery, which is also really convenient. It’s not mandatory that you order through them, but I do highly recommend it since other companies like costco or shutterfly can distort the coloring of images, so that’s a risk you take by choosing to order through another company.

How long will I have access to my online galleries?

2 weeks! After that… it will be deleted. So please make sure to download your pictures right away and back them up!! I cannot be responsible for your images years later if your computer crashes, so it’s up to you to make sure you save your images on an external hard drive and thumb drive, just in case any of those crash or go bad years later. You can never be too careful… and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

How long have you been doing studio newborn photography?

Almost 4 years now! I had a home studio before my studio on Clay Street… and did over 90 newborn sessions in 2017. I also went to learn from Kelley Rydan, a world renowned newborn photographer whose work I really admire, and completed one of her workshops before progressing in the studio newborn photography world. I wanted to make sure I learned some secret techniques to help sessions go smoothly and ensure a baby’s safety throughout, which is why I have my assistant for studio sessions where tricky posing is involved.

What if my baby cries and doesn't like a certain pose?

I will never force anything on a baby. If they get upset, I will certainly listen and let them tell me what they’re willing to do! If your baby is just a little fussy however, then I will wait it out and use some soothing techniques to still get the shot. The majority of the time, the baby will just go right back to sleep… so not to worry. I have years of experience now with babies and can tell the difference between their crying and what they need.
My assistant and I have been called baby whisperers many, many times! And parents often joke about how they’d love for me to go home with them. Granted, every baby is different… but I try to make my studio as warm and cozy as possible for babies and more often than not, babies sleep the whole session through. If not, we take a break for feeding… then back to sleep they go! There really isn’t anything stressful about my sessions since I’ve got it down by now… so you can relax knowing that.

I have a toddler with a nap schedule:

I only shoot on Tuesdays and Thursdays for studio sessions because those are the days my assistant can help me; however, I am willing to adjust a session start time if we need to work around your other children’s schedules. I want your toddler to be as happy and cooperative as possible… so typically, I will start with the wrapped/prop shots of your baby by itself to give the older sibling a little time to get comfortable in my studio, and then about a half hour later we can start the sibling and family shots to get them out of the way and allow one of the parents to take the big sibling home if they want! They’re welcome to stay the whole time, but that is typically how I do things. And I’ll be honest, these can be the hardest shots to take sometimes for siblings who maybe haven’t adjusted to life with a baby yet. So I just ask that you keep expectations for sibling shots at a reasonable level since toddlers can get uncomfortable in a new environment and feel the pressure from everyone around them. Being calm and prepared to be patient with them is best!

Ready to book??

Please take a look at my current pricing guide on this website here first and email me at AileenSavagePhotography@gmail.com with your due date then to get the booking process started! I’ll collect a $100 retainer from you to get your session date reserved and then your session balance will be due the day of your session.
Thanks so much!

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