The Deluxe Experience


From investing a ton into remodeling my space to make it as comfortable as possible for my clients, to choosing nothing but the best props from the best vendors! Continuing to attend workshops and educate myself on the latest in newborn photography…. And hand picking products that are the highest quality that will preserve your memories for generations to come…

My goal is to offer quality over quantity. None of the above are cheap, I’ll be honest. My space isn’t cheap; the props I choose aren’t cheap; nor are the products I provide my clients. Because…………I want nothing but the best for clients and to make this a boutique photography experience to remember.


I’ve learned from years of overbooking myself, how important it is for me to limit the amount of clients and sessions I take on in a year to provide each and every client with the best service possible. I understand that this is a big investment for you, and I take great pride in excelling all expectations you have of a photography experience.

I have been doing photography for 8 years now and have been averaging 250 sessions a year (way too many), while having to have to turn away clients at the same time in my busiest season (fall). I had to do a lot of reflecting on ways I can improve each client’s experience and ensure that we are both on the same page as far as what you’re looking for from your session and afterwards when it comes to prints and products. Taking on 250 sessions a year, simply wasn’t going to allow me to offer the level of service I wanted my clients to have. And it certainly wasn’t sustainable for me either after feeling burnt out year after year of that.

Taking on too many sessions meant that I could only give them the digital files and leave the rest of the job like deciding on the best prints and products to order up to them.


As a professional photographer, I have access to products from professional printing labs that my clients don’t! In fact, The Original Photoblocks that I now sell is an exclusive printing company that only accepts a very small number of new photographers a year to sell to. So yes, after a year of being on the waiting list… I made it in!

I was so excited to be accepted and to know that only MY CLIENTS can get their products through me. A product that clients want and will cherish for years to come. A product that is something you can’t get at Target or Michael’s. So I ask that clients trust my professional opinion and now require that they come in before their sessions for a planning/consultation appointment that allows us to really make sure we’re a good fit! And if we aren’t, guess what… I’ll give you your retainer fee back.


Communicating with clients via e-mail just isn’t the same as getting to talk with them in person and putting your nerves at ease weeks before your session. I can guide you on what to wear, where we’ll shoot (if it’s outdoors), or even stop by your house to help you measure out your room where you want your pictures to go to make sure you order a big enough size. Then you can know before your session even happens, how much all that might cost you and what your options are.

No surprises here… I will tell you what everything costs from the start so that you aren’t shocked at your order appointment. And if it’s something you aren’t comfortable with before your session takes place, you can always back out! Please don’t feel any pressure to buy more than you want. I am simply taking this extra time to provide you with the best service possible from beginning to end… and make sure you love every picture and every product you get to keep and share with friends and family for years to come.

To do anything less than that, just doesn’t feel right to me.

Now I can do the hard work for my clients! How many parents out there know how busy they get and things like getting pictures printed gets pushed off for months, sometimes years… and pictures are then forgotten and lost on a drive (that might potentially go bad might I add)? Life gets crazy, trust me. I’m just as bad with my own personal pictures! That’s why we need the extra pressure like your photographer helping you out to get it done. This is where I can also help you.

The real value of professional photography? Priceless.

I know how important pictures are… really. I lost my 6 year old niece tragically in 2019. I also lost my only brother in 2004 and my Dad in 2008. Pictures are all we have left of our memories with our loved ones! I know you never want to think about losing them…. but eventually, we all die. And our pictures are what’s left of our legacy and how the people who are left remaining have to remember us by and will cherish as long as they can.

I hope to offer nothing but the best service possible and feel so honored to have had so many people trust me with the job of preserving their memories since 2012. I don’t take my job lightly and I appreciate each and every one of my clients, even years after I have shot their pictures. I hope you know I will continue to care about you and do what I can for you even after your session is finished. Your business truly means everything to me.

So thank you for considering me! And hope to hear from you to plan your amazing session soon!