Private Property – Custom Artwork

IMG_7857Do you own a piece of property that you would like to have photographed and be able to enjoy and share with family and friends for years to come? Because of my love for landscape photography, I have had multiple people ask me if I would be willing to come out to their property and take photos of it so that they can get them blown up as their very own custom artwork instead of a purchasing generic art with little significance to them. One client was selling their grandfather’s property in Napa that had been in the family for over 70 years and the whole family decided it would be great if I could capture pictures of it before it was sold for them all to enjoy and remember all the memories there, which I was happy to do for them.

I now offer different packages available for this service. But because it takes a lot of time to go to a property, scope it out, and then decide if I should be there in the morning or evening for the best shots and come out to a property multiple times in one week in order to capture everything with the best lighting, which can depend on the unpredictable weather as well… these packages aren’t cheap to be frank. But this is an investment you will be making in your memories for you to cherish and share with family and friends for years to come. As well as have your very own custom art work created just for you!

Check out some of my work from the Stewart Ranch before it was sold! A lifetime of memories for them…. I also offer all my pictures to my clients in four different styles: no filter, matte filter, b&w, and b&w matte. If you’re curious of what my main style looks like check out my landscapes HERE. I decided  to share my matte filter images on this page because the property was more country and rustic looking and the matte style was more fitting for this property I thought.

Stewart Ranch - HR (Matte Filter)-132Stewart Ranch - HR (Matte Filter)-18Stewart Ranch - HR (Matte Filter)-130Stewart Ranch - HR (Matte Filter)-53Stewart Ranch - HR (Matte Filter)-31Stewart Ranch - HR (Matte Filter)-43Stewart Ranch - HR (Matte Filter)-62Stewart Ranch - HR (B&W Matte)-114Stewart Ranch - HR (B&W Matte)-122Stewart Ranch - HR (B&W Matte)-42Stewart Ranch - HR (B&W Matte)-2

Interested in booking me? I only book between May-Nov. because that is when the valley looks its best. But if you happen to have a property that wouldn’t be as affected by the changing seasons… I’d be happy to book you before then.

My starting rate for 3-5 days on your property ………  $2,500.

Which this basic cost includes:

  • My time to meet with you and get a tour of your property and have you tell me which parts of it you would like photographed and why
  • Decide when would be best for me to come photograph it depending on where it is located and where the sun is at that time of day
  • Be on standby depending on weather conditions and possibly come out multiple times to make sure I get the best skies and best shots for you to enjoy for years to come
  • May even have to come out multiple times in one day and definitely multiple times in one week to ensure I capture everything for you at the ideal time of day.
  • Includes 5×7 Professional Prints of all the images you select as your top favorites
  • Online gallery of proofs where you will select your favorites for me to then perfect in editing some more to make sure it’s as great as possible as a big piece of art on your walls for years to come
  • Final online gallery where you will get your favorite images edited in my four editing styles (=100+ total) with printing rights
  • Ordering meeting where we will discuss the best pictures for you to get printed and discuss your printing options for your specific needs and room(s)

**Prints/Products not included and can be purchased separately at the ordering meeting.

50% Discount available if you are willing to let me use the photos of your property to sell to others on my website.

Have any questions? Email me at and I’d be happy to answer them!

Look forward to hearing from you!