“Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories”


Just a little bit about me!

  • Born & raised in Napa, CA
  • Attended Browns Valley, Redwood Middle School, Napa High, and Justin Siena
  • Graduated from Sac State with a degree in Psychology
  • Self-taught photographer mostly, other than attending many workshops with the best of the best in the newborn industry
  • Last of seven kids
  • Grew up athletic and still love to workout at Orange Theory here in town now
  • No kids for me (YET)! But Auntie to 10 nieces and nephews
  • Love Country Music so much that I started a country music website and promoted country music in Northern CA and got to take pictures of people like Alan Jackson, Kellie Pickler, Phil Vassar, Glen Campbell, Merle Haggard, Blake Shelton, and many more!
  • My mom started a restaurant called Suppertime when I was 6 and I worked there all the way through high school and a little beyond
  • I love shooting landscapes and planning long road trips!


I am a maternity, newborn, and family photographer based in Napa, CA where I was born and raised.

I originally wanted to become an architect after high school, but life happened… and my path took me to where I am now unexpectedly really. I’m the last of seven though, so photography always peaked my interest because I didn’t have very many pictures of myself growing up since my parents were too busy to bother while raising all of us. But the pictures we did have in albums, meant the world to us and being able to flip through them and reminisce.

Then in 2004, I lost my only brother in a car accident. My world was crushed. And that’s when I moved back to Napa to pursue something other than architecture. His accident took me to other places and even though I was tempted to major in photography at one point, I decided to major in positive psychology instead and pretty much study what makes people happier people! For me, I found that pursuing my passion of photography was a huge piece in my life that made me happy. AND music! So I created a country music website and started my photography career getting press passes and taking pictures front row at concerts. I was in heaven. And I knew my Dad who raised me on country music and who had passed in 2010, was also looking down on me proudly.

Pictures to me after all that meant everything to me. I realized they were all I had left of my loved ones who I missed dearly.

Other than one photography class I took at Justin Siena High School (where I graduated from in 2004), I took one more photography class at the Napa JC. But that’s it. Other than that, I was mostly self-taught. And after my country website days ended, I moved back to Napa to pursue what might be my potential photography career part-time, while nannying part-time as well, not really knowing where it might lead me. And after 10 months of nannying and doing photography, I realized my nanny job was getting in the way of my booking more, so I said goodbye to that sweet family I loved dearly (and still take pictures of), and pursued my photography full time in 2012!

After about a year, I decided to dip my toes into the newborn photography world after a friend asked me to take her son’s new baby’s pictures. And with hesitation…. I said yes. But only because she believed in me. That got me started with in-home lifestyle sessions. And after about another year, I decided to try the whole studio newborn photography and purchased e-workshops and then attended my first in-person newborn photography workshop in 2015. Roadtripped all the way there to Omaha Nebraska to learn from Kelley Ryden! Took landscape pictures along the way (you can check those out on my site here as well). Then just this last year in 2019, I attended two more newborn photography workshops from some of the best in the industry with Rachel Vanoven and Naomi Hewitt. Plus have learned from countless others in the industry from online workshops over the years.

I got my own studio in a space that I share with Whitney Farris who owns 4d Ultrasound of Napa Valley and have been with her since 2016. We just moved downstairs to the location we’re at now in April of 2019 and are so proud of our new space! I have an office where I can meet with clients now and where they can have their own waiting or changing room. This is also where I now meet my clients for their ordering appointments and we get to look at their final images together.

I never expected to get to this place of specializing in newborn photography! But somehow I did once I decided to go for it… and have been committed to being one of the best in the area. It’s been such a privilege to watch so many families grow over the years… and I still can’t believe how many babies I’ve had the pleasure of snuggling and capturing photos of. Still blows me away…. and I take handling your little one with care very seriously, so to have so much trust from so many clients… is such an honor.

Have any questions? Email me at

OFFICE HOURS: Mon-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,