How I do things…

After 10 years of being in business, I’ve learned that I do things a little differently from other photographers out there and I’m quite okay with that. Considering the fact that I’ve been as booked as I have been over the years and that my list of returning clients is thankfully always growing… I’ve had to assume that they are pleased with not just my photos, but my process.

And it’s not to say that other photographers’ way of doing things is wrong at all… but for anyone who hasn’t experienced my process, let me explain some things about what to expect from me:

My goal: To make everything from hiring me to receiving your images extremely easy, even for those who are really busy.

1) Book your session online at your own convenience by heading to my booking calendar & selecting a date & package that is suitable to your needs – all of the other add-on options can be decided on when you receive your gallery of proofs

2) Session takes place in my beautiful studio with everything you could possibly need

3) 48 hours later you will receive your gallery of proofs via email with your images “softly” edited

4) You then have the option to purchase add-ons like the heirloom album with the full digital collection or just the digital collections

5) Depending on the option you decide on, I will then edit the images YOU CHOOSE to perfection and you will receive all of the images in both color and b&w. If you purchase the heirloom album, you will also get a say in the final layout and design.

6) Turnaround time for final images is about 7-10 days after you have notified me that you are done selecting your favorites.

Maybe you’ve never hired a professional photographer before and you don’t know the difference between each one and what they offer? I get it, I’ve been there before myself and know now how different they all can be after working with so many now. 

Some photographers do the picking for you and you don’t get a say in the final images you receive.

They also randomly edit some in color and in black and white… and a picture they chose to be black and white is the only version you will get of it, which may or may not work with what you had planned for printing?

I believe in giving clients the option to pick their images. It might slow the process down… but if in the end, you’re only receiving the images YOU love (because let’s be honest, we all view ourselves differently than others and what I like, might not be what you like…) and every time you go to look at the pictures and you are pleased with the images you see because YOU picked them… that is MUCH MORE important to me than saving time by selecting the images for you.

Also, why would I waste the time editing a picture you don’t like and have no intention of ever sharing or printing?

But even from the beginning of the process…. a lot of photographers don’t list their prices on their websites. I do.

Some photographers require a ton of emails or phone calls back and forth before you book…. that’s time-consuming for me AND you…. and why?? I have it to where my dates are fixed and you get to see what’s available and if I don’t have a date you need, then there is no need to waste anyone’s time, am I right?

I personally believe in treating my clients the way I would want to be treated. I want everything about the process to be smooth and easy…. no need for you to wonder when your pictures are coming either. I stand by my turnaround time and I don’t believe in making clients wait months to receive their pictures. It doesn’t mean I’m not busy… it’s just my system that works and I get pictures done asap so that projects don’t pile up.

It’s a win-win situation for all 🙂 

So please feel free to leave a comment or email me at AileenSavagePhotography if you have any questions at all! I look forward to hearing from you. 

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